Grants Awards 2017-2018

If you received a grant in the 2017-2018, please complete the Final Report found here. Thank you!

For the twelfth year, the award of grants by the Foundation will directly support the students and teachers in the Medford schools in achieving excellence. The corporation is formed to enrich educational experiences for students by supporting the highest quality in school programs and initiatives. Our mission and vision express our commitment to expanding educational opportunities for students, especially as diminished funding had gradually reduced many programs. The Foundation’s goals are to broaden community advocacy for education, help Find Student Accommodation in London, enhance trust, create and channel financial resources, and encourage volunteerism/partnerships from the business sector as well as the community at large. By funding educationally worthy projects, the Foundation’s commitment helps “Make the Difference for our Students.”

The Medford Schools Foundation has awarded over $20,000 in grants this year.


School Proposed By  Amount Summary
Abraham Lincoln Elementary Julia Curiel  $                235.00  Support the creation of an ukulele band.
Howard Elementary Apryll Hammers  $                317.85  Using Rekenrek’s to assist Kindergarten students in learning the fundamentals of basic math.
Griffin Creek Elementary Margaret Moore  $                439.00  Update the current curriculum for bully prevention.
Jackson Elementary Sophia Wooldridge  $                500.00  Providing equipment to engage students in learning the STEAM standards.
Hedrick Middle School Mary Wieczorek  $                635.54  Support the Oregon Battle of the Books program.
Howard Elementary Gloria Pereyra  $                697.00  Provides tools for students and parents to understand, learn and translate the Kindergarten Common Core Math Standards.
McLouhlin Middle School Nina Bradley  $                998.80  Provide new equipment to encourage an active lifestyle.
Abraham Lincoln Elementary Bonnie Havens  $            1,000.00  Support all 6th graders going to OMSI’s Outdoor Education camp.
Washington Elementary Jodi Smith  $            1,284.00  Support a summer reading program.
McLouhlin Middle School Ty Hampton  $            1,300.00  Providing access to Time Edge, which makes learning about current events exciting.
North | South Medford High School Andrea Brock  $            1,750.00  We will hire professional musicians to provide in-school tutoring and mentorship.
Roosevelt Elementary Karen Cooper  $            2,323.00  Provide new equipment to support students meeting NGSS State Standards.
Central Medford High School Jay Schroder  $            2,900.00  Supporting teens to become high functioning, character driven adults.
North Medford Media Center Kelly Larson  $            3,000.00  Creating “future ready” spaces in libraries meant for collaboration, communication and sharing.